LOL Surprise Boys Arcade Heroes


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Get ready to level up and unleash max power with LOL Surprise! Boys Arcade Heroes. These fierce action figures come in a hero suit with an all-new LOL Surprise! Boys character or ultra-rare girl character inside. Unbox 15 surprises! Insert the token into the arcade game package to open the package and reveal a 6-piece hero suit. Unbox the suit piece-by-piece to reveal the doll underneath. Once you’ve unboxed your doll, dress him in his included fashions. All boys dolls are anatomically correct. Collect all 6.

Boy dolls are anatomically correct.

Unbox 15 surprises including a action figure hero suit with LOL Surprise! Boys Arcade Heroes. 6-piece Hero Suit; trading card, bottle, accessory, undies, outfit, shoes, token, arcade package and LOL Surprise! Boys doll or ultra-rare girl character.

Insert token to open the arcade game packaging. Inside, find doll in its hero suit, ready to be unboxed. Unbox the hero suit piece-by-piece to reveal your doll. Feed or bathe doll to discover water surprises, including colour change!

Collect all 6, including 1 ultra-rare girl character.


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